Pelvic floor exerciser

Gro Isachsen:
Ms Gro Isachsen is a sexual therapist, columnist and author

She specialises in lust- and orgasmic problems, sexual response cycles,
pain during intercourse and training of the pelvic floor.

Gro was in charge of the development of VagiFlex flexible vaginal exerciser for the pelvic floor muscles, and Vaginal TrainingProgram.

For many years she has helped couples and singles with their sexual problems at her clinic in Oslo. In addition she has consultations via Skype, also with clients living outside Norway. She hold consultations in Norwegian, English and German.

Books written by Gro Isachsen:

Sex – Ja takk! (Sex – Yes please!) 2000

Mer sex, takk! (More sex, please!) 2002

Spør Gro om sex
(Ask Gro about sex) 2004

Mer lyst! (More desire!) 2010

Gro Isachsen
Photo: Sissel M. Rasmussen

Gro Isachsen has in addition to several years studies in sexology also studied psychology, sociology, education and special education.

Amongst other jobs, she has worked as a teacher and as a special educator at a psychiatric institution, in interdisciplinary teams with family counselling. She also has 13 years experience as a journalist, with popularisation of research as a special area. At the same time she was dog sledding with her own Greenland dogs (Wikipedia).

Sexologist Gro Isachsen has for many years had a regular column with advice about sex and living together in the Sunday edition of the newspaper Dagbladet and in the weekly mens magazine Vi Menn. She also answers questions in the Forum for Sexuality on, Norway´s health website and at (Ask the experts).

Newspapers and weekly magazines use Gro as an expert in questions concerning sex and living together, and she often participates in debates and other programs on TV and radio.

She lectures about sexuality in classes for employees within the health and social sector, child welfare, schools, educational psychological service, child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychiatry.

Gro Isachsen has a saying which includes all sexual activity:
All good sex is safe, sane and consensual.

Gro Isachsen started 2002 the research program «Women´s sexual desire». In the study she investigated the impact of; the pelvic floor muscles, cultural and social background, sexual experience, birth and diseases have for women's ability to experience sexual desire and satisfaction. Until 2009 she had interviewed 815 women and more than 300 men. The survey is part of her work on a Ph.D.

2006 she started developing a vaginal exerciser for strengthening women´s pelvic floor muscles. VagiFlex pelvic floor exerciser with Vaginal TrainingProgram was released in 2010.
See: The history behind VagiFlex

VagiFlex is designed to prevent and treat stress-related urinary incontinence, restoring strength and a tight vagina after birth, reverse age-related weakness in the vagina and improve women's sexual sensitivity and response.

At the moment she attends most of her energy to a PH.D about «Women´s sexual desire».

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